From Drupal to Wordpress

After all my exhaustive experience with Drupal since version 4, tonight was the first time I decided to jump into Wordpress. With so much knowledge built up over the years, Drupal wasn't as difficult for me to get up and running as some say it is. If you know which modules to use and how to integrate them, it's a breeze.

Raspberry Pi car-puter: First GPS data exported to GPX file

Today was the first trial run with the Raspberry Pi "car-puter" running in my car during my commute. I've run it a few times before with little success due to the sudden power loss from shutting the car down. This is the first time I had the Pi running using the Pi USP from CW2. It allows the Pi to shut down properly using backup power after the main power (from the car) shuts down when the car is parked.

Raspberry Pi Car-puter project: GPX File Output

A big part of this project isn't just about collecting car data such as OBD2, GPS, and more; but rather, it's about getting it back while. While my focus is solely on data collection, I want to be able to export the GPS data into a standard file format to use in mapping programs. The GPX file format is a simple XML spec that's easy to generate.


Version 1.0

Raspberry Pi Digital Signage

One great use of the Raspberry Pi is as a dedicated digital signage machine. What this is is a controller for the large TVs you see in building lobbies and restaurants. We're thinking of putting one up at the family bakery. The big factor here is that for more or less just the cost of a Pi ($35) you have your hardware, plus the cost of the display itself which is separate from the system. There are some mature and not-so-mature open source solutions to this.

Volunteering your 3D printing skills

I'm getting involved in the 3D printing movement and looking at the potential to match people with the skills in 3D modeling (CAD) with kids who need custom made 3D printed prosthetics fit to their body. If you know anyone on either side of that fence, let me know.

Organizations like VolunteerMatch are a good fit, but they're too broadly focused to work in a niche like this.

I was first inspired when seeing Bre Pettis talk to Martha Stewart at CES 2014 about how quickly kids outgrow these very expensive devices.

Publishing My OBD2 Cloud Storage Architecture

After working on the recent Pi based OBD2 logger, I've finally published the storage architecture. The OBD2 Cloud Storage project is on GitHub here:

Playing with Pi

A few months ago I decided to join the party and pickup a Raspberry Pi. It's a $25 full fledged ARM based computer the size of a credit card. There's also a $35 version, of which I ended up buying a handful so far. Due to the cost, this allows you to use a computer in dedicated applications where it otherwise wouldn't be justified or practical. Since then I've been pouring over the different things people have done with their Pi.

Drupal updates and server migration

It seems I get more experience with Linux server migrations and Drupal site migrations that I should. Recently I started a phased approach to winding down and closing my company's Rackspace account. Rackspace provides a solid service, but they just weren't meeting my needs. What it came down to is that on the low-mid end, there are much cheaper options. Also, I wasn't fond of the bandwidth bills I was getting. Hosts like Liquid Web, for example, offer 3 TB of transfer as part of the package.

New podcasting client for Jeff Bullas


One of Australia's top internet marketers and strategists, Jeff Bullas, has been picked up as a new client. We started with a 1 month trial run earlier this year, but I had to stop to work on other projects. The podcasting of his blog,, is being started up shortly. Soon, his massive readership will be able to listen to his blog posts.

You can listen to the podcasting that was done earlier this year from his blog:

SQL Saturday #203

Had a great time at SQL Saturday #203 recently at Microsoft's Cambridge office. If you're a SQL Server pro, BI, analyst, or developer then check out NESQL's monthly meetings at the same location.


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