A new client for my most recent startup:

Earlier this year I began a startup venture dedicated to helping people listen to their favorite websites and blogs. At, we partner with established and quality content creators to produce podcasts from their blog posts. This helps bloggers reach a new audience in a new medium at no risk and no cost.

Miranda Marquit

The current business model and business practices of social media has never been my cup of tea. When given the choice between advertiser supported or paid, I prefer paid services. With ad supported social media networks, the users are the products. has always intrigued me with their model and their core values.

I'm giving it a shot, my account is:

Amazon Turk Followup

In response to my blog post about being a creator and not a consumer, let me write about my results of using Amazon Turk for the first time.

The original batch was for an HIT of 100 assignments at $0.15/each. After 24 hours, there were no takers. So I reduced the HIT assignments to 20 @ $0.30/each. Within 2 days they were all completed. I approved them all without reviewing them, downloaded the CSV, and uploaded it to Google Docs as a spreadsheet.

I am a creator, not a consumer

It always feels good to be a job creator! I've been having issues with one of my offshore employees for the past couple of weeks. She was given a simple, repetitive task to find certain websites for me. Because of some understandable delays on her end, and the impending deadlines of my own, Amazon Turk is a great replacement.

1And1 Phone Harassment

Upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7

After a lot of preparation, I've finally upgraded this site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. The DEV upgrade worked out well enough that tonight I upgraded PROD.

Here are the main Drupal guides to use:

Drupal Quant module

At a recent Drupal meetup, someone recommended the Quant Drupal module for better site analytics. If you're using Drupal 7, it's a pretty easy install. But for Drupal 6, which all my production sites currently run on, there are 2 dependency modules. One of them, Chart API, requires a patch to fix a divide-by-zero error.

SQL Saturday #146 in Nashua, NH


Getting the entire 1st page of Google once again

On yet another SEO lark, I got one of my published papers, a Nikon D50 User Interface assessment, to yield an entire 1st page of Google results to point to me using a fairly general search. It started a couple years back with a discussion with a Silicon Valley startup CEO. Long story. Lots of fun with Google once again.

Here's the search and here are the keywords



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