"I Want a Button" .com?

Here's a great stress reliever: take the most common, obnoxious, and over used phrase from work; then buy that domain. In my case, it's

Even animals get excited about gathering requirements.

When AP (Aperture Priority) Fails

Digital SLRs' AP (Aperture Priority) mode can be a boon or a blessing, if you know what you're doing. With the right eye, it can help you blur a background to focus on your subject. Or, it can overexpose a shot as you'll see below.

Selling eBooks Through Tagito

Tagito is an Internet startup that allows users to quickly and easily sell their digital goods. They can do so within the Tagito marketplace or within their own sites. Below is a sample posting I created using an eBook I wrote. With a simple embed link, I can put this posting anywhere on my blogs or social networks.

Replacing New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain

Slashdot today discussed replacing the iconic Old Man of the Mountain. According to Wikipedia "The Old Man of the Mountain, also known as the Great Stone Face or the Profile, was a series of five granite cliff ledges on Cannon Mountain in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA that, when viewed from the correct angle, appeared to be the jagged profile of a face. The outcrop was 1,200 feet (370 m) above Profile Lake, and measured 40 feet (12 m) tall and 25 feet (7.6 m) wide.

Wikipedia Audio: Kosice, Slovakia

Kosice, Slovakia

Wikipedia Audio Version of Article

My First Spoken Wikipedia Entry

After wanting to try my hand at audio recording for many years, I finally took the plunge. There have been plenty of times when I wanted to record important family events for archives for future generations. The final impetus for going head on was a desire to try my hand at podcasting. This is directly related to a business idea I've been working on for a couple of weeks.

Cheesy Southwestern Scrambled Eggs

Cheesy Southwestern Scrambled Eggs

2 eggs
1 heaping tablespoons salsa
2 slices feta cheese
1 dash freshly ground pepper
1 dash cumin

Cook the eggs in a skillet. Sprinkle a small amount of pepper and cumin. Continue mixing. Before the eggs are fully cooked (while they're soft), dump them onto a plate. Put 2 small slices of feta cheese on top. Pour on the salsa. Then add some sour cream. Let it sit for a minute covered, then eat.

Why I should try harder...

In thinking about my online businesses, blogging, photography, and a myriad of other things I don't do often enough, I came across this blog posting:

"They battle perfectionism and procrastination and just sit down and do the work. Artists and real writers do it everyday even if it's just one line or one stroke of the brush.

PHP Needs an IDE Juggernaut

I had to decide on a language for a recent programming project. The application needed to run server side on a LAMP stack. Since PERL is too arcane for my taste, the choice was PHP. It was the right language for the system it was to be run on.


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