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Flickr's API and software hybridization

Part of Flickr's success can be directly attributed to their opening up of their API. After doing so, numerous third party apps and websites were able to integrate Flickr's services with their own. If this were to ever become a growing trend (see Facebook) we'll start seeing more hybridization of web services with client software.

Mustang Air Filter Replacement [PIC]

I usually replace my air filter every spring. This year I let it slide until just this past month, October. Needless to say, the air filter was a mess. I can't stress enough how important good airflow is into a car. Anything >= 6 cylinders needs good airflow. With a 4 cylinder car you just need to make sure to feed the hamster once in a while.

Top 10 UI Design Principles

  • Know your user
  • Let the user control the interaction
  • Capitalize on what the user already knows
  • Maintain consistency at the interface
  • Provide effective feedback
  • Expose the interaction to the user
  • Minimize reliance on user memory
  • Minimize the impact of user error
  • Aesthetic matters
  • Always test your interface with users
  • Nikon D50 Usability Assessment

    MIT supports Ron Paul

    According to

    Early this morning a group of MIT students decided they would take a
    stand against the emerging police state. Some supported Ron Paul and
    dropped a 60' long "Ron Paul rEVOLution" banner over the main campus
    building visible from the Charles river and much of Boston. Others
    chose to display a banner reading "Remember Remember the Fifth of
    November." Together they make an extraordinary sight. Please see the
    photo below.

    Why Infrared Still Matters For Mobile Devices

    The other day at the office I was posed with a problem. It was a simple one that in 2007 still can't be solved as easily as it should. I had a 2 GB SD card with pictures on it that needed to be emailed to a secretary. Sounds simple enough. The workflow should be:

  • Insert SD card into laptop's SD slot
  • Window pops up displaying contents of slot
  • Select all files
  • Right click, Send To -> Email Recipient
  • Put secretary's name in TO: field and click Send button

    Alas, that's not how it works. Using my work laptop, this was the following workflow:

  • Slovak National Anthem

    The national anthem of the Slovak Republic is based on a folk song adapted to patriotic feelings in the revolutionary 1840s. It speaks poetically of lightning strikes over the Tatra mountains and urges the Slovak nation to wake up.

    Best OS for photography?

    Digital Photography School is having a discussion on the OS of choice for post processing of photography. Note that this isn't a discussion about the software used, just the OS. Here's my take on it as a former Windows XP user now switched to Kubuntu Linux.

    We're hiring at Blue Cross Blue Shield!

    My team at Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA is looking for a System Support Analyst to aid in production support. The candidate would be working with Access, SQL Server 2000, a legacy mainframe, Oracle Applications (a financial system, not the actual DB), and some other systems. The most important technical skills needed are in order below.


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