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Loops as performance killers and DoEvents()

Loops are a performance killer. They shouldn't be used when they don't have to. On the plus side, the run time of a standard loop is O(n) which is linear. Nevertheless, know your language and the functions available. It's a mistake to loop through a data structure when it has a built in function call to do what you need more efficiently. I learned this the hard way as you'll see.

My coworker's been kidnapped!

I arrived at work one morning to notice a certain emptiness. Something wasn't quite right in the land of cubicle JE-4452. A spot on my cubicle wall lay barren. Candroid was gone!

Candroid was a popular employee.

Nikon test w/ Eva and background

Look at the difference in light between these two shots. It's amazing how different you can make the photo look just depending on how you use the flash or not.

PN = $$$ ?

Well, not that much, but it's still making me money. Beleive it or not, Google just sent me another $100 check for being in their AdSense program. Traffic to PN died down in the summer noticeably so I stopped paying attention to the traffic and bandwidth numbers.

To my surprise what looked like yet another rebate check was my AdSense money. I'll be damned.

Why I'm going to hell... Making people grovel for a free TV

Last night I posted a Craigslist ad for a free TV and have been inundated with emails. One guy said he has 8 kids and really needs it. Now I'm thinking of how to decide who gets it:
The first email I received?
Whoever can pick it up at my most convenient time?
Whoever's the most needy?

So I decided to play a little game with this. Here's the ad:

Site Redesign

Yes, I've finally discovered Drupal. I guess you can't create every website from scratch by coding everything yourself. Real Life has it's disadvantages.


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