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Jozef Nagy at MIT Sloan School of Management attending a Drupal user group 11/2012.


What do you do?

With my family's strong entrepreneurial spirit, I never give up chasing the American dream. Whether it's a new business idea online, or building up my marketable job skills, I'm always on to something. Some of my ideas are great, some not so much. That's why I've written dozens of business plans. Before going forward with a project, the most important question I can ask myself is "What problem does this solve?". If that can't be easily answered, it's time to move on.

The "9 to 5" side of me focuses incessantly on growth. IT is not a career you get into unless you plan on spending a significant portion of your time keeping up with technology. And it's not just about understanding the latest languages, OSs, databases, etc. It's about understanding how their proper use can be leveraged to benefit business. Using new technology for it's own sake is a mistake. Everything has it's place; whether it's Solaris, Linux, or Windows. Ok, just kidding about that last one. Although to be fair, I have a Windows desktop at my home office. It makes for a great table.

Why is your name spelled J-O-Z-E-F?

The spelling of my first name, Jozef, is a common spelling in Slovakia. The origins of my last name, Nagy, have Austro-Hungarian roots.

Why do you blog?

The first iteration of this site was in static HTML with some Javascript and CSS. In 2006 I finally made the leap to Drupal, an open source content management system. It's enabled me to post often, and to focus on content rather than site maintenance.

With this new freedom, my goal was and continues to be to improve my written skills. The ability to take an idea or a random though and put it into a 600 word blog post is not to be taken for granted. That ability easily translates into numerous contexts, including the business world.

Another reason for this blog is to gain exposure. While it's not my primary focus, being able to positively present myself in a Google search is an increasingly important endeavor.


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