Best OS for photography?

Digital Photography School is having a discussion on the OS of choice for post processing of photography. Note that this isn't a discussion about the software used, just the OS. Here's my take on it as a former Windows XP user now switched to Kubuntu Linux.

I run Kubuntu Linux on my desktop machine. It's a free and maintenance-free OS. Don't even get me started on all the time I used to spend just keeping my copy of Windows XP updated, virus free, malware free, etc. The switch to Linux has been great. And this leads into our discussion. As a result of the switch, I spend less time maintaining my system and more time using it as a photography tool. Imagine that.

For an advanced user, Linux (and to a lesser extent Mac OS X) is the OS of choice. Why? Scripting, among other things. I can take large batches of files and write my own scripts to process them. This is without the need for any software; just basic shell scripting. ImageMagick is a great command line tool I incorporate into my scripts for a lot of the more heavy duty work. GIMP gets used for more serious editing while Google Picasa is my basic photo editor and reviewer of choice.

And another utilitarian advantage for Linux is its powerful command line for other related photography tasks. With the combination of "cron" and "rsync" I backup my photos every night over the home network onto my server which acts as a secondary repository for my work. Not only does that mean that I'm protected if my main machine dies, but also I can access the photos from anywhere in the world.

All this is done w/o buying ANY additional software. This all comes with the free Linux OS. Have fun replicating that workflow in Windows.