Breaking Up Site Maintenance Chores

In James' latest ProBlogger post, he writes about how to breakup your site maintenance tasks to make them more manageable. I agree that taking on a single task for an entire evening is daunting.


6 Tasks to Breakup

  • Comments
  • Old posts
  • Wordpress/plugin updates
  • Categories and tags
  • Broken links
  • Backup

Backing up one's website should never by any stretch be done manually. So the last point doesn't even belong on the list. Time and again, the point is proven that manual backups are backups that don't get done. A wise man once said: "Set it and forget it".

I would add one more category to this post: Checking your site
. Don’t get stuck in the obsessive rut of checking your site
stats constantly. Set aside some time, weekly at most, and review your
numbers then. You can do things like check for upticks from new
referrers, traffic swings, most popular posts, etc. all in one sitting.
That way your mind is in the analytical frame of reference and can put
together disparate data elements to find opportunities you might not
have discovered otherwise.

When your routine consists of stats checking
on a daily basis, it’s usually just a mindless check of page views and
unique IPs. There’s a lot more to discover if you dedicate the time to connect the dots.