Combining Drupal 6 Webforms and Views

Combining the Webforms Drupal modules with Views to display output doesn't look like a good way to display submitted results.

In a rushed attempt to put together a business directory, one approach I took was to combine the above 2 modules. There were a number of viable possibilities for allowing users to create a business listing on the website, but one requirement I settled on was that they didn't have to register. Another was that I didn't want them to simply use the Contact form so I'd have to re-enter the information elsewhere on the website. With this narrowed spec, I thought I could allow anonymous users to submit address, then use Views to display it. Unfortunately that doesn't work.

Now I'm not saying it's impossible. You could hack together a solution. Or you can customize an existing module or make your own to display Webforms data. This was just a rushed try.


The webform anonymous users could use to enter address info

The Views setup to display the Webform submitted data