Digg and Other Traffic Spikes

Sooooo... last night I decided to submit to Digg again. I also went on some random blogs, etc. and spammed some comment sections with links to a new site I'm starting. I think the graph speaks for itself.

Granted, this is a temporary spike. Digg traffic is notorious for a high bounce rate and almost no continued traffic. It's a one-time affair. Nevertheless, only some of that spike is Digg. The rest comes from the comment spam and 1 power user's LiveJournal posting which is all over LiveJournal He has lots of "friends". So when he posted a link to the site, that link showed up on all his friends' pages. So a single user's link to the site became N links where N is the number of friends he has. Technically it'd be N+1 because its on all his friends' pages as well as his own.

The lesson?

Add LiveJournal to my social networking marketing strategy. LiveJournal is a long-forgotten abyss; a precursor to MySpace and FaceBook. The fact that anybody uses it is quite hilarious, but the sheer volume of unique referrer URLs I saw in my logs proves otherwise. As always, I will continue marketing to users of social networks with high "friend" counts. For Digg, that would be someone with a lot of followers. For LiveJournal, that would be someone with lots of "friends".... you know, those people who are dead inside.