Drupal Quant module

At a recent Drupal meetup, someone recommended the Quant Drupal module for better site analytics. If you're using Drupal 7, it's a pretty easy install. But for Drupal 6, which all my production sites currently run on, there are 2 dependency modules. One of them, Chart API, requires a patch to fix a divide-by-zero error.

After downloading the Chart API module, cd to the directory of the file to patch and use the patch command:
cd /var/www/SITE/sites/all/modules/chart
patch < chart-division-by-zero-594202.patch

Once you get the rest of the modules activated, here is a sample Site Analytics page:

You can access your Site Analytics page from: http://www.example.com/admin/reports/analytics

I now make this page a part of my weekly routine for the sites I manage. A quick chart at a glance helps me to know where to deploy resources and delegate work.