High End Office Chair Review

Here's a quick rundown of some high end office chairs I'm looking into purchasing. This comes from an email I sent out to numerous telecommuters asking for help with their home office ergonomics.


Here are some of the chairs that I'm considering purchasing in the near future. They're not cheap, but if you use your office chair enough, it's worth every penny. Keep in mind that a chair affects your back, neck, and overall health so it's a good investment. Plus the cost is amortized over 5-10 years anyways which helps justify the high up front cost.
For example: Assuming a price of $900 over a period of 8 years, that's $9/month. That's about 1 trip to Panera a month.
This is on the higher end, but the materials are highly durable. Their website however is garbage. These are also the same guys who design Ferrari interiors (Pininfarina). Roughly $1,600.

If you prefer a more traditional style, similar to the ones here at BCBS, the Steelcase Leap is a great chair. It's heavy, but solid. Reminds me a little of the office chairs from Mad Men. They're around $800.


Obus Forme makes padded components to add to existing chairs. At the very least, if you keep your old chair, you should add some of these components to it. They're a lot cheaper than everything else on this list.


My #1 choice: the Aeron Chair, by renowned industrial designer Herman Miller. This chair has won numerous international awards and prestige despite the backlash it received when it first came out; the hallmark of a truly game changing design. Owning one of these is like owning a Mercedes. It's a status symbol. Herman Miller produces some of the most incredible industrial office designs on the planet. His catalogue is worth reading just for the appreciation of the photos. I keep the 2009 catalogue on my bookshelf next to my art books.

Here's an online store in Boston for the Aeron product line. Their prices aren't the best. I've found better. The lowest end Aeron they have is around $850, retail. If you look hard enough, you can find a warehouse willing to sell individual units. It's how I get my imported European furniture at such steep discounts; I go directly through importers.