I am a creator, not a consumer

It always feels good to be a job creator! I've been having issues with one of my offshore employees for the past couple of weeks. She was given a simple, repetitive task to find certain websites for me. Because of some understandable delays on her end, and the impending deadlines of my own, Amazon Turk is a great replacement.

For some reason I keep getting stuck in the mindset of assigning work to individual remote workers instead of utilizing systems like Turk. This, despite already breaking things down into small repeatable tasks. Obviously this is a natural fit for Turk.

In this case I've created a batch of work for people to find me lists of websites that match certain criteria. In return they provide the URL and some other meta-data.

This is making good use of Turk and I look forward to the results as they compare against comparable offshore work assigned to full time individuals.

But the more important thing for me personally is the aspect of creating work opportunities for people instead of being a consumer. Being an entrepreneur means finding paint points and solving them. A big part of that, if done to be scaleable, is the creation of work for people. Sometimes it's small Turk work, other times it's large project work with requirements and scope documents. Either way, I love the fulfillment I get from being a producer, and not simply a consumer.