"I Want a Button" .com?

Here's a great stress reliever: take the most common, obnoxious, and over used phrase from work; then buy that domain. In my case, it's IWantAButton.com.

Even animals get excited about gathering requirements.

An important part of my job is to hold meetings to gather requirements from internal customers. This usually involves leadership as well as "boots on the ground" people. Process improvement is the easiest variation on this type of meeting. The process already exists, there's documentation, and I can talk to associates about any issues they have. The other variety of these meetings is the creation of a whole new process or system from scratch. This is where things get interesting.

When people summarize their needs with "I want a button..." it's not entirely bad. They know they want to click something. So at least we have a starting point. Somewhere between "I want a button" and the end result comes endless coffees, lots of Tums, and the inability to sleep at night. The end result will be some complex financial processing system. Of course, users understand a system by it's interface. They don't know nor should they know the internals. So no matter how complex the system I built, it's reduced to being just a button. For the foreseable future someone, once a month, will open up the application, click a button, watch an hourglass, then get a "Process complete" dialog box. And that's my contribution: a button and a dialog box. The rest is just details. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.