Installing Windows 7 on VirtualBox in Linux

Today I'm installing Windows 7 within the VirtualBox virtual machine software on a Linux host OS. Thanks to the open source community for making this possible. As great as VMWare is, it's never been quite the fit for my needs. After reading through some reviews, I'm optimistic about what VirtualBox can do.

What better way is there for testing out new OSs. VMs are especially important for sandboxed environments when testing new software. That's doubly important when you need to use some dubious piece of code whose source you don't trust.

The first thing I'm doing is setting up multiple clients to test websites with. Repeat after me: Your users do not have the same computer as you. Not everyone is running dual SLI, nor are they running on 32" monitors. And finally I can test using "real" clients' browsers and not simulated WINE style IE installs.

And next time a family friend wants to install dubious software like Bonzai Buddy, I can test in a virtual machine while running a packet sniffer. It's always amusing to see just how much data this kind of software actually sends back to the mothership. Ignorance is bliss I guess. And just how valuable is privacy anyway? There's software out there that installs cute purple guerillas on your desktop! You can't argue with that.