My coworker's been kidnapped!

I arrived at work one morning to notice a certain emptiness. Something wasn't quite right in the land of cubicle JE-4452. A spot on my cubicle wall lay barren. Candroid was gone!

Candroid was a popular employee.

In his place were these 2 ransom notes I've been left with. Now, I'm a firm believer in not appeasing terrorists, but this is getting out of hand. Cookies? Maybe.

And now he's been traveling the country with his captors. It appears that even if I were to yield to their demands there's no guarantee he'd make it back safely.

He's even made it to D.C.

Through the magic of Google Images I was able to identify the background of this first shot. It is in fact the headquarters of CNN which is in Atlanta, Georgia.

UPDATE 12/12/2006: He was recently spotted at the Seattle Space Needle

UPDATE 1/3/2006: Now he's been all over the zoo and lord knows where else

UPDATE 3/12/2007: Now at this point I'm getting jealous. I've never been to San Francisco, but it seems Candroid has.

UPDATE 3/15/07: There's hope yet. This stuffed kitten was cat-napped from it's owner and traveled the world before being returned.

UPDATE 4/2/07: Now he's in Michigan. Here are the latest images submitted by the deviant. First he takes a tour of Curwood Castle, then gets bound up and left to be run over by way of train.

UPDATE 4/30/07: Now he's someone's bride to be. Now this is getting weird.