A new client for my most recent startup: Odovox.com

Earlier this year I began a startup venture dedicated to helping people listen to their favorite websites and blogs. At Odovox.com, we partner with established and quality content creators to produce podcasts from their blog posts. This helps bloggers reach a new audience in a new medium at no risk and no cost.

Miranda Marquit

Our latest client is Miranda Marquit of PlantingMoneySeeds.com, a freelance journalist and personal finance expert. What struck me about her style that made me want to partner with her was that she focuses on the income side of the equation and not the expenditures. Too many personal finance gurus focus heavily on stretching the almighty dollar.

Years ago I too was in that trap until one day I realized how foolish I'd been. After that point, I began focusing on growing my income instead. Life's much easier focusing on growing your income instead of debating whether to buy Ramen or "splurge" on a can of tuna. Of course, that doesn't dismiss the need for some frugality. People who become independently wealthy consistently live below their means. Check out The Millionaire Next Door to dispel the mainstream notions of what wealthy people are and how they live their lives.

Here's one of the latest episodes we recorded, titled "Penny Pinching: Today's Grocery Store Challenge".