Norton Anti-Virus is a Scam

A co-worker recently asked me if he should re-new his subscription to his anti-virus software. Here's my opinion:

Norton antivirus software is a rip-off. It's primary goal is identical to that of the TSA: to make you think you're secure. Not that it doesn't work, it's just that there are other products that are free and in many tests outperform Norton. AVG is an extremely popular, proven, and free antivirus tool I'd recommend using.

Now, if the Norton software you've been using has some features that you enjoy on top of antivirus, then it's your call. The only other thing it has of significance is a firewall, but there's one built into Windows anyways. So really, aside from some fluff features to justify itself, Norton's worthless. It's mostly for people who think that because Norton costs money and AVG is free, that it must mean Norton is better. That model is outdated in the software world. Once again, if Norton has some "nice to have" features that you think justify the price, then it's fair to keep it. I personally wouldn't let it near a computer. It's a resource hog. Always has been to some degree or another. AVG and other products are much leaner, so they don't slow down your computer as much.

<end rant>