Open letter to SanDisk: Sansa View fast forward problem is a deal breaker

Dear SanDisk,

As a proud owner of a Sansa View (16 GB), I'd like to request a firmware change. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the device. I primarily use it for podcasts. Each podcast is typically 45-90 minutes long. As others have stated, the inability to quickly skip through large sections of audio is extremely frustrating. In fact, it's a deal breaker. No matter how happy I am with this product, this oversight makes it unusable. Like any busy person I don't always have time to finish the whole podcast. In between podcasts I listen to music and then go back to finishing the podcast. However, I refuse to kill my thumb and my sanity by holding down a button for 10 minutes to fast forward 8 seconds at a time through over 1 hour of audio. If you would like for me to remain a loyal customer, please fix this oversight. The Sansa is a far superior product to the iPod in many respects. However, without this issue being fixed, I'll revert back to using an iPod. That's how important this feature is to me.

Use Case

Listen to a long podcast during morning commute. Get part-way through it by the time I arrive at work. Stop and put the player away. Later that day go for a walk with dog or during lunch hour and listen to some music for a short while. In the evening during excercise or during next day's morning commute I want to resume my podcast.


Ability to quickly fast forward and/or scan through a lengthy audio file.

Model: Sansa View 16 GB
Firmware: 1.02.09A

Thank You,


I've since purchased an iPhone 3G and it's the best podcast player I've ever used. Sandisk, you had your chance.