Personal Goals For 2010

Most people have new year's "resolutions", but in my opinion these tend to be shallow and short lived. Being the goal oriented individual that I am, here are my goals for 2010. These are not "resolutions" and no, I'm not resolving to lose 10 pounds, eat less chocolate, or watch less tv. Either way, I don't even have cable.

No, my view of the new year is to review which new goals will be executed upon over the course of the year. This list is mostly comprised of taking existing interests to new heights. That's not to say I'm giving up on my personal philosophy of trying something new all the time. In fact, I'm still doing that. These past few weeks for example for the first time I've replaced an O2 sensor, changed rear brake pads and rotors, fixed a broken exhaust pipe, and more. In some of those cases the job went nothing like it was supposed, as happens in life. So as much of a pain as it was doing my own mechanic work, I'm proud to say I learned something new, saved money, and grew in my independence.


Practice my photography

Having made great strides over the last 2 years with my Nikon D50, it's a hobby that should be consistently maintained. While I've learned a lot about lighting, composition, the rule of thirds, and more, those fundamentals all need to be put into practice. It's like watching someone play the piano and thinking "Yeah, now I know how it works. I can do it.".
Expect to see more pictures posted to my Flickr account.

They're nothing special, but it's practice and along the way I learn what works and what doesn't.



Hike the Middlesex Fells Reservation

This past fall of 2009, I first discovered how much real hiking opportunity exists in this forest. Since I was a little boy I've always come here with my parents for small trips, but we never hiked much into the woods. We'd go up to Wright's Tower for example, but never much else. The Sheepfold is another great park in these woods, but it's more of a place to take your dog for a walk.
As the leaves turned shades of red, orange and purple this past year I discovered the extensive network of marked and unmarked trails to be explored. For a $6 donation to the Friends of the Fells, I obtained a map of the park.

Once the weather warms up around March I plan on taking some of the longer routes through the woods. A loop around the 3 Western reservoirs is about 6-8 miles in length.



Ride the motorcycle

For 2009 I had a lot of maintenance done on the bike. New tires were installed, the carburetor was re-built, and some other items were done. Unfortunately I didn't get on it as much as I'd liked. And the stiff rear seat proved uncomfortable for my wife. Since we've always wanted to ride together, a new seat is in order, as well as highway bars and maybe even a windshield. And of course, I've been planning a 1 week motorcycle trip to New York's Adirondack Park.




Convert some of my cash savings into precious metals

For obvious reasons I won't go into too much personal detail on this one. Suffice it to say that it's prudent to have some gold and silver on hand. It can be stored by a proxy such as iComex stocks, stored in a bank vault, in a home safe, or buried in an underground cache.


These are my personal goals for 2010. Professional goals were intentionally left out. That'll be a separate blog post.

As I said earlier, I don't beleive in "new year's resolutions". In order to acheive change, it has to be deliberate, thought out, and most importantly it has to be something you want over a period of time. It can't be a spur of the moment idea to lose weight as you're eating your third slice of cake at a new year's eve party.

Each goal has to be measurable. So for each of the above goals I have a personal list of metrics. We'll check in later in the year to see how I'm doing.