Raspberry Pi car-puter: First GPS data exported to GPX file

Today was the first trial run with the Raspberry Pi "car-puter" running in my car during my commute. I've run it a few times before with little success due to the sudden power loss from shutting the car down. This is the first time I had the Pi running using the Pi USP from CW2. It allows the Pi to shut down properly using backup power after the main power (from the car) shuts down when the car is parked.

The GPS data was run through a PHP script to generate the GPX XML file and uploaded to http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/map_input to visualize it.

The results are on the right track. The horizontal line is likely drawn by the mapper because of a gap in data. As for the rest of the track, it looks about right. It's just shifted over by a few degrees of Lat/Lon. Going to have to review the GPS calibration.