Ron Paul Media Blitz @ Tea Party 2007

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The Ron Paul Boston Meetup Group has gathered money for a media advertising blitz and needs your help. We'll be putting ads on local and Southern NH radio stations. These ads will be related to Ron Paul in general as well as the Boston Tea Party 2007 event.

Rachael McIntosh of RI has provided us with a 60 second Ad focused on the spiraling US debt, with a ticking clock in the background. This clip will be airing Friday and Saturday. Right now we have around $900.00 to put towards this ad campaign, which is not nearly enough to achieve our goals.

We are presently setting up a Chipin & Paypal account to handle donations under $200.00 and another that can handle donations of up to $2300.00 (reported contributions over $200.00 are reported to the FEC) which go into our PAC account and then released from our bank in the form of a bank check paid to the recipient. As we have basically formed this PAC in just 4 business days and just now able to receive funding for this ambitious project we are short of time.

Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. This will prove to be an effective radio campaign for the event and a lead into the NH primary. I have heard that Rudy and Romney are launching an attack campaign to coincide with our effort.

The best way right now to send funds is via wire transfers sent to our PAC account. Thanks you for all your selfless efforts in this Ron Paul Revolution! This is not affiliated with the Ron Paul campaign.

Send donations to:

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