Ron Paul's Boston Tea Party 2007 Video from Faneuil Hall

This is a video from inside Faneuil Hall. There were guest speakers in support of Ron Paul including a family member of his. Please note, the camera is pointed at the audience about 15 minutes in the beginning due to an error.

For more information about the event, please check out the Boston Tea Party 2007 website. It turned out to be a huge success. This despite a massive snowstorm/icestorm all day Sunday. The crowd was riled up and enthusiastic.

Here's the professionally done radio ad we ran on 96.9 WTKK "FM Talk" leading up to the event. It was sponsored by the Liberty League PAC:

Event Timeline

1:00 Rally on steps of Massachusetts State House
1:30 March down the Freedom Trail to the Faneuil Hall
2:00 Doors open: Faneuil Hall
2:15 Midnight Ride
2:30 Tom Moor - historical narration speakers
2:40 Jacob Hornberger
3:00 Rand Paul
3:30 Pedro Teixeira
3:40 Lee Button
3:55 James Forsythe
4:10 Carla Howell
4:30 John McManus
4:50 Vijay Boyapati
4:55 Corie Whalen
5:00 Speaker event ends - Midnight Ride/Ron Paul Anthem
5:10 March up the Freedom Trail to the Old South Meeting House
5:00 Doors open - Old South Meeting House buy tickets ahead of time
5:30 Re-enactment commences

Ron Paul banners on MIT buildings