Selling eBooks Through Tagito

Tagito is an Internet startup that allows users to quickly and easily sell their digital goods. They can do so within the Tagito marketplace or within their own sites. Below is a sample posting I created using an eBook I wrote. With a simple embed link, I can put this posting anywhere on my blogs or social networks.

The site has promise. Competing services like E-junkie already allow people to sell digital goods like eBooks. What makes Tagito different is that it's attempting to create it's own marketplace. E-junkie provides sellers a link to a buying page that they then promote themselves. The above eBook selling widget allows me to promote my listing from any platform. Integrating this with FaceBook would be a wise next step. They're already in the process of aggressively integrating in all common social media platforms.

If you have anything of value, post it on Tagito now. You have nothing to lose.