Server Information

This server fulfills many roles. It is accessible from my internal home network as well as externally.
Some of its uses are

  • File server (FTP)
  • Information collaboration and online accessible notes (wiki)
  • Improving my skills with the Linux command line
  • Learning Linux system administration
  • PERL and PHP development and testing
  • MySQL testing
  • Additional Folding @ Home processor
  • Possible video/audio encoding to offload the job from my desktop
  • Streaming my music over the web using Jinzora

    CPU: Intel Celeron D 331 Prescott 2.66GHz 256KB L2 Cache LGA 775 - $36
    Motherboard: Intel BOXDG965WHMKR LGA 775 Intel G965 Express ATX - $130
    RAM: Kingston 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) - $70
    Power Supply: Antec 500W - $80
    Case: Full ATX
    HDD: 2x 40 GB (Linux Software RAID1) Logical Drive for OS

    OS: Ubuntu 9.10 Server Edition

    Denyhosts - runs as a daemon and continuously checks /var/log/secure for brute force SSH login attempts. After the unsuccessful attempts reach a certain predefined point, denyhosts adds the offending IP to /etc/hosts.deny. After installing this my secure file shrank to only a fraction of it was before. No more reading through hundreds of lines of failed login attempts from any given IP.

    Current Status - View current system status.