Websites Maintained

Customer Financial Management

Working within our J2EE based content management system I created a presence for my company's department on our corporate intranet. The upper navigation bar is static across all pages, whereas the navigation bar on the left is generated based on what's entered into the CMS. The CMS itself is designed for very large scale use. It has a complex workflow meant for large, disparate groups. For our purposes, we need to post content and have it go live immediately. I myself am the sole person responsible for this section of the site. There's no need for an editor, approval admin, manager, nor any of the other roles this system includes. As a result, the site is updated infrequently. It contains static, resource-type information. Frequent updates for information like upcoming events, news, announcements, etc is no longer posted due to the cumbersome nature of the CMS.

Finance's IT Survival Guide

Even though my field is Computer Science, I work in the Finance Division of BCBSMA. As such, I took over this project from a former employee. It is a guide put together to address Finance specific IT needs and how associates can help themselves for their most common problems. It started out as a printed booklet in Quark Express. I head a team of volunteers which help keep content accurate and relevant. I setup a Drupal backed server and began converting this guide into 'book' module format. When I was considering the backend CMS I chose Drupal over MediaWiki for the modularity and roles based security.

Continental Pastries, Inc.

Created from scratch to reach high-end, demanding clients and to help customers spread our excellent reputation through online "word of mouth". PERL scripts maintain arrays of product lists and prices and generate HTML output. All code was done in notepad and various other code-aware text editors such as Kate. The product photos were taken by me with a standard consumer digital camera. As much back lighting as was possible was used to avoid washing out the products with the built in flash. Image editing was done in The Gimp, Photoshop 7 and Photoshop 8 (including CS2).
As of early 2008 this website is in desperate need of a redesign. A CMS such as Drupal is my preferred candidate. It would allow for new functionality such as as newsletters, posting of recipes, featured product information, mailing list management, and the ability to support a pending e-commerce system.

Donald Norman's famous book "The Design of Everyday Things" opened my eyes to the study of UI design. This blog is my attempt at better understanding this growing discipline while improving my writing skills.

CZSK Boston

As of early 2008 this project is still ongoing. It's an attempt at a site redesign. The preexisting website was entirely static and updated using Frontpage. The Drupal CMS is being implemented to meet the organization's growing needs. Drupal's modular design allows the site to grow in functionality as the organization needs it.

MS Access Resource

This site was put together a while back as a shared resource for me to post my Access development work. If I'm going to be doing any Access work, I might as well share it with people. It was abandoned shortly after initial seeding of content. The Internet is saturated with Access related websites. Nevertheless, I'm mentioning the site here because oddly enough it does get a steady stream of traffic. It's a small stream, but steady nonetheless. At some point I'll post more content to it hopefully.

PHASE In Healthcare

The PHASE in Healthcare research project is a federally funded 5 year research project to determine health disparities among healthcare workers. I managed various data collections along with programming in SQL, VB.NET and ASP for better integration with Access. I was also the sole person in charge of one of our primary qualitative data collection methods, our surveys. For this I used the enterprise level application TELEform. With it I designed surveys, implemented them, and subsequently scaned them in and extracted user input into an Access database to be analyzed by our project's statistician. Before sending the data out, SQL queries ran "quality of data" analysis on the information to check for consistency in respondents' answers.

For the website I fixed unreadable Dreamweaver generated HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. I created a registration form for our main conference. JavaScript verified data before it was sent to PERL to be emailed and logged.

UMass Dorm Activity Scheduler

The Dorm Activity Scheduler was designed to alleviate a problem. As things are currently set up, it can be quite a burden to find information about programs going on around the Residence Halls. The Dorm Activity Scheduler is the solution. Program information can be easily entered and edited which is helpful with last minute switches on times, dates, and locations of programs. The program information is now at the fingertips of every resident in the comfort of their own room.

This was done as a senior project in Graphical User Interfaces for my undergraduate degree. It was implemented as a Java Applet with an XML back-end. Resident Advisors input, alter and delete program information. Students can then easily know what activities are taking place on campus.

Project Proposal (Word) Includes technical details and timeline.

Final Writeup (Word)