Why I'm going to hell... Making people grovel for a free TV

Last night I posted a Craigslist ad for a free TV and have been inundated with emails. One guy said he has 8 kids and really needs it. Now I'm thinking of how to decide who gets it:
The first email I received?
Whoever can pick it up at my most convenient time?
Whoever's the most needy?

So I decided to play a little game with this. Here's the ad:

I want to make people work for it. I'm thinking about having them send me a quick blurb about why they deserve it. I want pics if they live in a crummy apartment along with a sign to prove the pic is real. A coworker of mine said I should ask for copies of the birth certificates of the 8 kids, or at least have the guy send me a picture of them holding up a sign. Another idea is to drive traffic to PN (I'm such a whore) by having them look for a specific word out of all the pictures or something like that.

Any ideas? I want this to be an interesting and preferably public contest.

UPDATE 12/15/06
I ended up giving it away to the only email I received that didn't look like it was written by someone from Elbonia. It was the only email that had a header and footer with no spelling or grammatical errors. Turns out he was a bio-chem PhD student at a blue blood university here in Boston.