You have to love Roomba

Setup the Roomba in my new apartment. It works wonders. The apartment is all carpeted so constant, regularly scheduled cleaning is a must. With the scheduling feature I have the Roomba set to run bi-weekly. On his first run he picked up more dirt than I care to admit. You'd think with my incredibly powerful Dyson my carpets would be impeccable. Of course, the Dyson only cleans my carpets when I choose to use it. And so far that hasn't been often.

This is why I recommend the Roomba to people so much. It's for those in-between times when you're too busy to vacuum. Given that it requires ZERO effort, why not get one? As Ron Popeil once said "Set it, and forget it!". All you do is empty it out once in a while.

The photos below are from the first run across my living room. The dirt pile is a lot bigger in person. It's scary to think of what it picked up.