Slovak National Anthem

The national anthem of the Slovak Republic is based on a folk song adapted to patriotic feelings in the revolutionary 1840s. It speaks poetically of lightning strikes over the Tatra mountains and urges the Slovak nation to wake up.

Best OS for photography?

Digital Photography School is having a discussion on the OS of choice for post processing of photography. Note that this isn't a discussion about the software used, just the OS. Here's my take on it as a former Windows XP user now switched to Kubuntu Linux.

We're hiring at Blue Cross Blue Shield!

My team at Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA is looking for a System Support Analyst to aid in production support. The candidate would be working with Access, SQL Server 2000, a legacy mainframe, Oracle Applications (a financial system, not the actual DB), and some other systems. The most important technical skills needed are in order below.

How Auto-Focus Can Go Wrong

This Easter 2007 I gave my Nokia 50D to some friends and family members. Unfortunately (myself included), not everyone knows the first thing about taking a proper shot.

Harrison Bergeron By Kurt Vonnegut

Harrison Bergeron
By Kurt Vonnegut

The 10 Commandments of Drinking (in Slovak)

We found this lying around our house the other day while rebuilding our bar. It seems fitting enough.

Come back soon for the English translation.

Spicy Cheese Fondue

This fondue recipe was pulled from It allows for significant variation in spiciness. It's a spicy combination of Monterey Jack cheese, sharp cheddar, beer, and garlic. I've reduced the portions by a factor of 1 so that these amounts will serve 4 easily.


  • Fondue pot


  • What to say during a meeting

    When confronted with the inevitable status request, here's how you handle it. As for me, I'm waiting until the next time I'm on a dysfunctional cross functional inter-disciplinary multi-focused team to pull this rabbit out.

    CPAC 2007 - A Video From "The Nation"

    I thought this video put together by a liberal journalist from The Nation covering the events of CPAC 2007 was amusing to say the least. For anyone that hasn't yet swallowed the coolaid of the Republican Party, view the video below. Whether you agree or not, it's fun to watch.


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